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ITS saturday, saturday, gotta get down on saturday! ^^

its saturday guys! we should hang out T_T jaykay! i dont wanna hang out with oooooooooogly yoo ^^ haha jaykay…… TEEHEE! iono whats in that shower of mine but everytime i take a shower and take care of all my ugly needs, i tend to glowwwwwwwwwww :O but anywho. its saturday! which still means……its still practically summer. everyday is a saturday! it sux monkeynuts. ._.     anyway i always have a great time with dii over oovoo….. just not at night….it tends to get freaky if we’re both still on oovoo past 11 xD Dii isnt my girlfriend…… YET O_O…..hahaha JKJKJK! but shes a super awesome amazing inspiringly hot beautiful cute…….BFF! ^^ idk what im gonna do today, hopefully over the rest of summer i will be encouraged by some friend of mine to workout and lose the rest of my fatty fats all ova mah bodddyyy :) soooo yeah, just trying to sell some old stuff to make money to make way for mah new lacrosse gear!!!!!! yay! one thing that will definitley make me get raging boner is for a girl to wear my lacrosse jersey with nothing else…..idk why ._. its just insanely hawt. just saying! :) well, im probably gonna go swimming today! workout mah body and tone it up for tha ladies ;D lol jaykay, i cant get any ladies ._. lol okay, ima start a new proportion of my blog for funniest part of my day, and since my day practically hasnt started yet today ima say the funniest thing that happened yesterday! ^^ when me and dii were oovooing for a while, i decided to draw FREE PHO and arrow down toward mah junk. we both lol’d for a while xD okay! :) thats it for now, if i decide to get back on i will or not cause im lazy lol This is Danny, its 11:32am on a saturday July16, and im going IDLE! BANANZERS!!!!!!! >.<

Okay, not so fun day

It’s a Friday and we have about 6 weeks before school starts again. Can’t wait :) so I got over my bad habits of being a hillbilly gun nut and finally being dedicated to my lacrosse hobby. ^^ I actually feel a bit free again. Sister in law? Still an asshole no matter what -_- :D so how are you? Lol jk. I’m currently oovooing while on the phone with Dii :D for now, this is Danny Le, it’s 11:41pm on a friday july15 and I am going idle :) laterzzzz


And so my recent post was messed up by being cut in half somehow when i spent like half an hour typing that SOB T_T so ill just talk about whats happened so far after that blog i posted recently. :) things sorta came uphill when dii wanted to oovoo with me. we sorta had a 6way oovoo call with all the others while me and brian were in our own shirtless party lol anyways mom brought home some sonic, better than grandma’s limitless diarrhea spaghetti xP currently oovooing with my frands tiffany and john, ….uhhhhhh talking on the phone with dii :D gtg lol this is danny le, its 12:14am. LATERS BRO! QWERTY!!!!

An average day on the average hour and average…. etc.

today wasnt so different. just a normal average day. Needs to get ready for school starting in august. ghey T_T well this girl melody was a random girl i tried to oovoo with. why do asian girls have to be so unconfident in how they look?! us guys dont care when its just us. only when we’re out in public! lol jk. i just took a shower and i actually feel pulled together! nows i need is a slurpee and my life is complete. oh yeah, forgot to mention that i will continue on my lax journey til the end of time. right now i need new lacrosse gear for Fall season seeing that i dont fit and or torn my old gear :p what can i say? im a hard player lol lotsa drama ill tell you that. cant even start where……. now i still need new people to follow on facebook so message me so we can follow each other creepily and chat it up!!! super bored and kinda hyper without sugar… how is that possible?!im talking like typing 5 words a ssecond here heehehheehh…. help me O.O so now that you heard my story like the stalker you are. follow me so then we start a new friendship ^^ this is danny le. it is 2:43pm on the 13th of July. and i am going idle for now! BUDDHA!!!! 


Could someboooooooooooty please take me to a 7/11 for a slurpee cuz I am thirsty, boy are my rhymes killin, cause all them girls are thrillin…. Villain…… Hater! Stop trollin! Just get me a freaking slurpee and I’ll f*ing give you felatio my friend. This is Danny le, it is 5:13pm on a 7-12. I am thirsty as helllllllllllllll.

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